Retouch and 3D/CGI

LandRover-MorningGlory-WireWe’re passionate about creative image solutions. We work on everything from still life and high-end image retouch to complex 3D/CGI projects for print, web and animation. Good Monday specializes in 3D/CGI and has extensive experience with productions combining photography, 3D and retouching skills.
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We can help you bring life to your concept and visualize your new product or design long before it hits the market. At Good Monday we have experience from having built massive image banks with 3D visuals for Swedish clients like Arla, Axfood, Falcon, Zoegas, ACO and Maria Nila.
Good Monday also specializes in architectural visualizations and can help you with conceptual 3D sketches to high quality final interior and exterior visuals.
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Illustrations, 3D-logotypes and effects

We can help you create photo realistic elements for anything you need, 3D effects for an artwork or a logotype.