Burger King

Burger King needed a custom designed “Spice-o-Meter” to measure the “hotness” in their new spicy chicken burgers. The Spice-o-Meter was 3D modeled and integrated in the campaign images and we also animated the clock hands. The animation ran on all TV screens in the restaurants.


Agency: Shout Advertising
Art Director: Albin Larsson
3D/CGI: Frederik Tennholt, Good Monday

Behind the Scenes

A wireframe render of the “Spice-o-Meter”.

Spice-o-meter Wireframe

Documentation footage from the Burger King restaurant on Odenplan in Stockholm.

Spice-o-meter Restaurant1

Spice-o-meter animationSpice-o-Meter MOF

Spice-o-Meter MOF2